7 Telling Signs You Had a Good Interview

Jul 21, 2021 | Lifestyle

Every interview is nerve-racking. Even if you were the one interviewing a professional you’re going to need, from a licensed broker for mortgage applications to a contractor for home renovations. This formal conversation comes with plenty of anxiety for some people. No other interview is probably more distressing than a job interview.

There’s no legitimate way of knowing if a job interview went well except for that phone call or email verifying that you’re through to the next round or you’re scheduled to finalize the contract. However, that can take days, even weeks. You could get anxious.

How can you tell that your interview went well? 

Below are seven signs that you had a good interview.

1. The interview went for a long time

An interview that’s cut short is an indication that you may not have gotten the interest of the interviewer. The longer they want to talk to you, the better.

The average length of an interview is 30 minutes to an hour. If you find that your interviewer is going above the average time, then you know that you have a bigger chance of getting the position.

2. They were doing most of the talking

At the beginning of an interview, you’re the one who’ll be doing most of the talking. It will be about yourself, your background, credentials and experience.Then, you notice that along the way, they’re doing all the talking.

It’s a good sign if you notice them talking about their company, job responsibilities, the benefits and perks that will come along with the job, and other details that will engage you.

If you find that they’re talking to you more casually, mentioning where the best place to eat around the office is, where to go on weekends if you’re new to the city, or even what music they like listening to, then there’s a good chance that they have already envisioned you in the role and see you as part of the team.

3. They try to promote the job

Interviewers tend to talk about what makes the job great for you. They start highlighting what makes the job match your skill, what perks they can offer, and other things that they feel will get you to get on board.

In interviews, it starts with selling yourself, but when the tables have turned and you find the interviewer selling the job to you, then it’s an indication that they see you as an asset and would love to have you on their team.

4. You’re being asked hypothetical questions

The questions they ask are now more detailed and hypothetical. It’s normal to ask candidates where they live, but if they specifically ask how you’re traveling from where you live to their location, and how long it takes for you to get there then it’s a telling sign that they’re considering you already. The more detailed the questions are, the better.

5. THey give you positive feedback

Note: Mirroring gestures are also a telling sign that the interviewer is engaged and is interested in you. Pay close attention to their body language. If the interviewer seems distracted, or they have their arms folded, then it’s an indication that they’re not open to getting you on board at the moment. But, if they’re mirroring your body language and you have their undivided attention, then they’re putting you on top of their list.

6. You already talked about the salary

Talking about salary expectations is one of the indications that they’re seriously considering your position. Answer honestly. Don’t oversell yourself, and also, don’t undersell. Find the balance and know your worth.

7.  You were given a call-back date

One of the best signs is to receive a definitive date where they would want to meet with you again. A simple “we’ll call you for the results” means that they aren’t sure or there are other candidates that they would like to consider. However, if they gave you a definitive date, then there’s a huge chance that you’re in.

Sit tight and be prepared

Getting a new job can be stressful. You can never really tell how well you did in your interview. All you can do is wait. To lessen your anxiety, always be prepared before going to interviews. Show your potential employer that you’re perfect for the job and their company by doing proper research and studying up beforehand.

Keep in mind that even if you aced your interview or performed well, that won’t automatically get you the job. There could be other candidates who were the right fit for the company and who were chosen based on their experience.

Don’t worry too much about something that you have no control over. Read up on how you can improve yourself so that you can enhance your performance in your next interview. Be confident and always think positively.

Good luck!


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