Why Do I Have Such High Energy Bills?

Aug 24, 2021 | Lifestyle

Whether you pay your energy bills monthly or yearly, the last thing you want is for those bills to remain constantly high or even to increase out of control. Unfortunately, the post-pandemic work arrangements have affected our energy consumption at home. Ultimately, if you’ve been working from work since the start of the pandemic, it’s fair to say that your daily consumption has increased. You need to consider the cost of heating or cooling the house, lighting, potential cooking lunch and working with your laptop during the day. In other words, you can expect your bills to be already a few hundreds dollars  above the average 2019 bill. 

However, there may be another explanation for your unexpected energy expenses.

1.  Your Metre is faulty

Your energy provider tracks your consumption via a meter system. Some providers still take frequent manual readings, while others prefer remote sensors and reading. Abnormally high readings or a sudden increase in consumption based on your electric metre could be caused by a faulty system. If the metre is faulty, the reading will be affected, and you might receive a high bill. You can ask your energy provider to check your consumption against other measurements or get the reader checked for issues. You can also reach out to professional electricians for this task; you will need level 2 electricians who can handle electric metres and proceed to a replacement. 

2.  Your home needs better insulation

Your home insulation plays a significant role in energy management. Indeed, you can learn from a DIY manual how to replace old insulation systems if they do not contribute to regulating the temperature inside your home. Typically, areas that have insulation weaknesses tend to get cold to the touch in winter. They include walls, ceiling, and floor if you have a basement. Most homeowners assume that windows are the main cause of heat loss in winter. In reality, your home loses 30% of its heated air through poorly insulated walls and roofs.

3. You waste energy without knowing

Heating and cooling your home represents 40% of your energy use, followed by appliances which use 33% and water heating, which requires 21%. Appliances that are not energy-efficient could be using more energy than necessary. Poor thermostat use is also a common issue with energy waste. If you set your thermostat too high in winter, the heating system works hard to reach the temperature. Overheating your home could dry out the indoor air. Did you know that when your indoor air loses too much moisture, it affects your temperature perception? When the air gets too dry, your home feels cooler, which means you heat it even more. 

4.  You need to step down on gadgets

As mentioned, appliances could be a source of high expenses. However, gadget-loaded households also accumulate unnecessary high bills. Tech gadgets can be energy vampires. Unfortunately, many households have a tech-heavy entertainment system. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying technology and relaxing with your favourite gadgets, sometimes having too many tech options means that you are paying for plugged-in items you barely use. 

In conclusion, abnormally high energy bills could be a sign that your home is wasting energy or recording a high energy consumption. Getting to the bottom of the problem will save costs. But it can also help protect the environment by proactively reducing your carbon footprint. 


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