The Return of the Physical Store: Make It a Winning Comeback

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We are almost two years into this pandemic, and yet it is uncertain when movement restrictions will end or when the day we go back to the office comes. For retail businesses, what’s sure is the gradual return to the brick-and-mortar store setup, so much that even small neighborhood businesses have an equal shot to success. Are you one of those betting your stakes returning to physical retail? Here’s what you can do to prepare your establishment:

1.  Attractive Signage

Whether it’s on a floor standing signage or with decals on the glass panels in your storefront, a catchy social media humor-infused phrase, if not the word ‘sale’, always grabs people’s attention. Don’t wait for these displays to be outdated and replace them as often as the season changes. Also, make it a point to make pop culture, if not niche-specific, references. A ‘Let’s get back what you lost.’ display outside a facial spa, for instance, is enticing for ladies having been deprived of their treatments during the lockdown.

2.  The Instagram-Worthy Space

Make customers feel more welcome by improving the appearance of your storefront. Unleash the potential of that extra space between your store and the sidewalk by having it designed by commercial landscapers. With their help, you can transform your dull space into something patio- or cafe-like.

While you’re at it, why not replace your brand logo and have a backlit or neon signage placed above your store to appeal to the enthusiastic Millennial and Gen Z shopping population. Also, strive for a visually satisfying experience inside the store by putting up colorful lights and decor but sticking to a central theme without defying from your brand image. To name a few, you could aim for a minimalist home, gamer’s haven, or digital art vibe.

Come up with unique hashtags you want customers to use in their social media posts, especially Instagram. Make decals of them and stick them onto picturesque spots in your store like the front and on fitting room mirrors. Of course, it’s all up to them if they use the tag and specify the location in their posts, but their picture should give away where they took it.

3. Grand Clearance Sale

Perhaps, an event that best gestures ushering in a new era for your business is through a grand clearance sale. Sell past seasons’ inventory at more affordable prices but, of course, consider the overhead costs such as warehouse space and utilities that come with the sale. More importantly, relay the message that the sale is intended to make space for new releases and not because the business is closing for good.

4.  Nurture relationships with loyal customers

Depending on which social media platform your target market tends to lurk, launch ad campaigns. Present how your business has pivoted product- or service-wise since the pandemic. Assure them of their safety when transacting in your store. You can also give exclusive perks to those who are already vaccinated.

 Still, to stay relevant in the lives of your loyal customers, you can create targeted campaigns and don’t limit yourselves to the social media space. Rather, stay in touch with them through their mobile phone numbers. Remind them of earned pints, if any, that they are yet to utilize or limited-time promotional packages

 Times like these also remind businesses about the importance of maintaining a customer relationship management (CRM) system even if they are yet to bring their business online. Even keeping customers’ email addresses is powerful enough in reaching them. Through weekly newsletters, you can keep them updated on your promos and remind them of when it’s due for them to restock on your products, in the case of sellers of cosmetic products.

 More importantly, you could provide value-adding educational content. You can do so much with email marketing tools that typically allow you to customize your emails to your liking and brand image. To optimize your newsletters, place links to your website, landing pages to your current promos, and, of course, your contact details.

5.  Emphasis on safety

Overall, you would want to leave an approachable impression that is receptive to inquiries. For instance, many are concerned about their safety if ever they drop by your store. And so, be ever so open to arrange exclusive appointments for them or inform them of your store’s less busy hours.

 Make sure to maintain hand hygiene and social distancing provisions in your store. Provide hands-free sanitizer dispensers by the entrance and by the cashier kiosk. Install foot traffic guides like stickers on the floor and hanging Sintra PVC ones. Of course, they are more attractive if they’re specifically branded for your store.

 These days, the curb appeal of stores more largely determines their success. Besides, improving how your store looks gives more vibrancy to the neighborhood. In a way, transforming your store livens up the community.


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