Why Strong Leadership Is Crucial to Your Business

Sep 30, 2021 | Lifestyle

Strong leadership is valued in Singapore. Lee Kuan Yew, one of the most competent leaders globally, is a prime example of strong leadership in the country. His lessons still apply today. Though his regime had not been perfect, many Singaporeans are willing to overlook the civil-liberty concerns rampant in his days. After all, it resulted in the country’s sociopolitical stability, public security, affordable healthcare, free education, housing for all, and high employment rates.

In business, leadership is impossible to perfect as well. All that matters is that the leader possesses strong qualities that will stir the business in the right direction. Rather than perfect, a business leader should be inspirational. Their organizations should follow them out of respect, not fear or in anticipation of something in return. SMRT, Singapore’s leading public transport operator, is an example of a company with strong leadership. CEO Neo Kian Hong spent his free three months undergoing a “crash course,” which involved personally visiting the staff on the ground. According to Neo, there’s no point describing ground operations in the office, so he went down to see what’s going on himself.

Neo also once said — about his time in the military — that there are no poor soldiers, only poor leaders. True enough, his exemplary leadership makes SMRT continuously improve, even during the pandemic

1.  What is strong leadership?

Strong leadership is no longer an authoritarian attitude that draws compliance through fear. Today, it’s exhibiting honesty, integrity, trustworthiness, and ethics. A strong leader has excellent communication skills, making them great, empathetic listeners. They can see where the business is headed and plans the steps they should take to get there.

While employees run the business, it’s the leaders who point it in the right direction. If the leader displays strong qualities, they can have a good relationship with their organization. In turn, they can push the business to its goals with the same vision.

2. Five Reasons Strong Leadership is Important in Business

1. A strong leader is the “captain of the ship.”

A ship cannot sail without its captain, no matter the number of crews present. Similarly, a business can’t function without its leader, despite the presence of the staff. A leader steers the ship toward the vision, helping the organization stay focused on the company’s goals. They can identify ongoing and potential issues and resolve them to prevent the company from being sidetracked.

2. A strong leader inspires morale.

Morale refers to the enthusiasm, confidence, and discipline of a person or group. In a company with high morale, the staff is motivated, productive, and content. And only a strong leader can inspire those qualities. Without a strong leader, a company can suffer from stressed, demotivated, and unproductive employees. Turnover rates may increase, and the company culture itself will get tarnished.

3. A strong leader helps navigate changes.

Leaders create an initial business plan and strategy, making day-to-day operations predictable. But over time, a business changes. This can be challenging for employees. Without a strong leader, they’ll struggle with adapting, affecting their performance.

On the contrary, a strong leader can guide the whole organization through the change, bearing most of the hassle so that the employees can focus on their tasks. If there’s resistance, they minimize it through listening and resolving disputes with a rational mindset. As such, they can create order during a tumultuous time.

4. A strong leader embraces diversity in the workplace. Part of a strong leader’s values is embracing diversity in the workplace. When hiring new employees, they don’t tolerate racial, gender, color, and other irrational biases. They open their doors to people of all backgrounds and generations. As such, they also value their opinions and insight. A Gen Zer’s ideas are treated with the same importance as a Baby Boomer’s ideas. Diversity helps the company adapt to changes and understand the market better.

5. A strong leader promotes continuous learning. In Singapore, continuous or lifelong learning is critical for ongoing success in the workforce. Singaporean leaders understand that the job market is changing rapidly. The prospect of having a single role for the rest of an employee’s career is long gone. The global economy demands workers to be more nimble, so Singaporean business leaders invest in career development strategies. They help their employees constantly acquire new skills and knowledge, allowing them to adapt to shifting environments.

As a result, companies with strong leaders develop more competent employees. Even if giving employees new skills can make them leave the company one day, strong leaders invest in them nonetheless. Instead of limiting their employees to a single environment, they let them spread their wings and take pride in the fact that they helped them reach their full potentials.


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