Here’s the real deal:

I have been obsessed with planners and organizers for as long as I can remember.

I even went as far as color-coordinating my school supplies and notes from middle school throughout college.


It was all fun and games then, but now that I’m a mom of humans and dogs, a business owner, and, ya know, my own person, I need a planner that keeps me organized and productive day after day.

Cause let’s be honest:

If you’ve got a busy life and a jam-packed schedule, it’s gonna be near impossible to stay organized, productive, and on-task if you’re not using a planner to stay accountable.

Unfortunately though, finding a good planner – one that actually checks off all your boxes – is not as easy a task as it should be.

I know you know what I mean:

You buy a cute planner and are super excited to start organizing and planning your days….aaand then a week later you realize that said planner is either too basic or too complicated and you ditch using it altogether.


For my sake (and all of mankind), I went on the hunt to find the best planners to stay organized and skyrocket productivity.

And man did I find some crazy good options to share with you today.

These six planners are highly customizable, freakin’ adorable, and check off all the planner boxes.

Let’s break it down from the absolute-mind-blowingly-best-planner to the it’ll-still-rock-your socks-planner.

Here we gooooo:

1. Plum Paper

Plum Paper’s planners are – by a looooooooong shot – the best planners on the market right now.

With so many customization options, it is impossible to not walk away with your perfect planner.


Plum Paper gives you complete control over the design of your planner and has options to choose:

  • • The Size:  A5, 7 x 9, and 8.5 x 11
  • • Cover:  Design, monogram, date, quote, colors, etc.
  • • Layout:  Vertical and horizontal weekly options, daily, monthly, grid, teacher, student, financial, goal setting layouts, and more
  • • Color Scheme:  Modern, colorful, or neutral
  • • Binding:  Coil or DIY
  • • Length:  Choose your start month and length of the planner (12-18 months)
  • • Additional Pages: Categories include meal planning, shopping, business, lifestyle, teacher, student, creative, and more.
  • • Accessories:  Stickers and page protectors


The absolute best part about Plum Paper’s planners is the ability to add pages to your standard planner to fit your lifestyle.

These are all the amazing add-on categories that Plum Paper offers so you can create the personal planner of your dreams:

  • • Home:  Meal planning, shopping list, home management, baby tracking, cleaning, budget planning, and bill tracking pages
  • • Business:  Direct sales, party planning, blog planning, brainstorm, contact, password, meeting, photography, and social media pages
  • • Lifestyle:  Fitness, wellness, wedding, self-care, gratitude, reflection, habit tracker, and travel pages
  • • Teacher:  Preschool through high school planning pages, homeschool pages, behavior logs, student contact and parent communication pages
  • • Student:  Elementary through high school planning pages and assignment tracking pages
  • • Notes & Lists:  Lined, dotted, graph, and blank pages
  • • Creative:  Coloring and scrapbook pages
  • • Stickers:  Literally every type of sticker imaginable

I mean:

You couldn’t ask for more control over the design and content of your planner, which is why Plum Paper is always my top recommendation to anybody looking to streamline their organization and productivity.

A Plum Paper planner will cost you anywhere from $29.00 to $68.00 depending on your customizations and, trust me – it is worth every. single. penny.

But wait!

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2. Erin Condren LifePlanner

Coming in at a close second for best planners and organizers is the Erin Condren LifePlanner Collection.


If you haven’t been living under a rock for the last decade, I’m positive you’ve heard of Erin Condren’s planners — and for a damn good reason.

The LifePlanner Collection includes 5 different planners to choose from: Coiled Weekly Planner (my personal fav), Coiled Daily Planner, A5 Rising Agenda, Binder Planner, and the Focused Planner.

Then, you have more customizations to choose from once you’ve decided on your planner style.

These customizations include:

  • • Layout options (horitzontal, vertical, hourly, etc.)
  • • Interior design
  • • Planner size
  • • Length of calendar (12 or 18 months)


Included with every LifePlanner purchase you get:

  • • Monthly quote pages
  • • Notes and productivity pages
  • • Contacts page
  • • 4 sticker sheets
  • • 1 folder
  • • 1 perpetual calendar
  • • Snap in ruler


If you’re looking for a straight forward planner option with additional customizations, the LifePlanner is a great option for you!

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3. Day Designer

The Day Designer Planner holds a special place in my heart as the first planner I ever fell in love with.


Although the Day Designer planners are not customizable, each planner contains a ton of pages to help you stay organized and on track to conquer your goals.

Included in every weekly planner, for instance, are:

  • • Weekly planning pages with daily to do lists
  • • Non-dated hourly scheduling from 5am-9pm
  • • Goal setting worksheets
  • • Weekly inspirational quotes
  • • Two-page monthly overviews
  • • Two-page yearly overview
  • • Monthly expense tracker
  • • Gift idea pages
  • • Thank you note record tracker
  • • Packing checklists
  • • Bucket lists
  • • Sticker sheets
  • • Bookmark ruler
  • • Front cover pocket

Bottom line?

For $59, the Day Designer includes a ton of awesome planning pages to stay organized all year long and is a great option for 2023!

4. STARTplanner

Although the STARTplanner is not customizable, it has a great layout and equally awesome content.

The whole idea behind the design is to “crush those goals” and so obviously I was hooked from the beginning.

The STARTplanner is a great option because it includes SO many additional pages that your normal, run-of-the-mill, planner would never include, such as

  • • goal setting pages +  tracking pages
  • • planning pages for holidays
  • • project planning pages
  • • planning pages for vacations
  • • financial planning pages
  • • the ability to track your health and food

Oh, and the inspirational quotes along the way to motivate you aren’t too shabby, either. 😉

A STARTplanner will cost you $60 and keep you organized and on track to crush your goals all year long.


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5. Passion Planner

The name of the Passion Planner says it all:

This is the planner for you if you LOVE customizing your planner with doodles, highlighting, and stickers.

The pages in this planner are very open-ended and allow you to get your creative juices flowing.

My favorite is the Weekly Undated Planner because you can purchase it and get to work any time of the year.

Included in your Passion Planner is a:

  • • passion roadmap (define short and long term goals with action steps)
  • • double page monthly spread with goal planning and tracking
  • • weekly layout with gratitude, to do lists, focus points, and scheduling from 6am-10:30pm
  • • monthly reflection pages
  • • free space (blank pages)

Have you ever seen or used a bullet journal?

This planner reminds me of a more structured version of a bullet journal since it includes pre-designed spreads and plenty of blank and grid pages to create to your heart’s desire.

With all the blank space you could:

  • • make a habit tracker
  • • record your budget
  • • journal
  • • sketch
  • • track literally anything (favorite songs, shows, movies, mood, etc.)
  • • download any of the freebies on and paste it in!

A weekly Passion Planner will be so helpful for getting organized and accomplishing your goals.

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6. Blessed Babe Binder™

Here’s the deal:

Even though some of the planners mentioned are customizable and others are flexible in design, you still don’t have 100% control over the content of your planner.

Like, take Plum Paper, for example:

You can only add so many extra pages before you max out and can’t add anymore.

And the others on the list have none or close to no customization options.


I created the ultimate life planner by rounding up tons of personal planning templates and bundling them together.

The Blessed Babe Binder™ contains 40 printable templates including:

  • • yearly planning
  • • monthly planning
  • • weekly planning
  • • daily planning
  • • budgeting
  • • goal setting
  • • gratitude
  • • meal planning and shopping
  • • habit and mood tracking
  • • routine creation
  • • project planner
  • • life evaluation

and more!

Oh, and I haven’t even mentioned the best part, yet.

Because the Blessed Babe Binder™ comes in a PDF format (for digital and printable use) and is undated, you can use this planner year after year

…after year.


For only $9 you can have a planner for the rest of your life.


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Which planner are you gonna use to GYST and transform your life from stressed to blessed?

Comment below!

happy planning!