Let me ask you something:

How many times have you seen a cute planner at Target, bought it with the immense intention to change your life, 

and then…

A week goes by and you don’t even know where your new planner went.

I know that feeling because this used to be me!  Until I figured out how to use a planner the right way, I was constantly buying planners and letting them collect dust.


Once I invested in the best planner for me and my lifestyle (and once I started using it right), I became 1000% more organized and productive.

Wait, I know what you’re thinking:

“How does this chick not know how to use a planner?!” 🤣


Of course I’m capable of writing down my goals, appointments, and to-do lists.

But what I didn’t know, was how to use this information with my planner to inspire motivation and positive change.

Because the bottom line is:

It’s fine and dandy to scribble down “publish five blog posts this week” in the notes section of your planner.

But what are the action-packed steps you’re going to take to actually accomplish that goal?

Today I’m gonna walk you through the exact 5-step process I use to purchase a new planner and use it to be the best version of myself every day.

So, let’s dive in!

1. Invest in a planner you love

Here’s the deal:

You won’t be able to use a planner effectively until you find a planner that you actually enjoy using.

Because the truth is:

If you don’t have a planner that you love, it is hard to use it.

And, if you’re not using it, then, well, you definitely aren’t as organized or productive as you could be.


Which planners do I recommend?

I’m glad you asked! 😉

If you’re looking for something that is fully customizable, go with a Plum Paper planner.

Or, do you like a lot of freedom when you’re planning, like bullet journaling for instance?  You should get the Passion Planner, then!

Or maybe you’re a digital planner kinda gal.  Then, you should grab our Blessed Babe Binder™ that can be used with GoodNotes or Adobe.


For a complete guide to the best planners, you can check out our post here!

2. Make time for your planner

Here’s a thought:

You can’t schedule things into your life if you don’t have a time dedicated to planning, right?!


Whether it is once a month, once a week, or daily, you need to find the time to sit down with your planner and schedule out your days.

When you make time to do this, you start each day with guidance, knowing what you should be focusing on, making you more productive.

3. Make the most out of your monthly calendar

Your monthly calendar is the place you’re going to write in all of the big picture stuff.

Things like:

  • • your monthly goal (no this is not a typo – I truly mean only one goal. Keep it simple, stupid! 😉)
  • • bill due dates
  • • appointments
  • • travel dates
  • • birthdays
  • • holidays
  • • activities

For example:

Free Monthly Planner Printable

You’re going to be looking back to your monthly calendar a lot when you plan your weeks/days so make sure it is clear and concise!

Your monthly planner should give you an overall view of the month so you know what’s in store but not too much information that it overwhelms you.

If you’re looking for a monthly calendar template like the one shown above, you can download our freebie here!

4. using your weekly and daily pages

Your weekly and daily planning pages are where you’ll be able to tackle your tasks and goals head on.

You should schedule in your to-do list items and lay out your action steps for your goals in your weekly/daily planning sesh.

For example:

Daily Planner From The Blessed Babe Binder™

If my monthly goal was to publish 5 blog posts, my weekly/daily planner would include action-steps such as, “draft first post,” “edit post,” create graphics for post,” etc.

This creates motivation and accountability for you and will help you cross major items off your to-do list and accomplish your goals with ease.

If you’re looking for a daily or weekly planner, download our Blessed Babe Binder™ which has tons of different options like the one seen above!

5. what to do with all the blank space

Is it just me, or:

Do most planners have more notes pages than you know what to do with?

I have two suggestions for this dilemma:

  • 1. Purchase a planner like a Plum Paper planner or the Blessed Babe Binder™ that you have complete control over so you can include or omit as many blank pages as you want
  • 2. Put the blank space to good use!

With a little creativity you can fill the blank pages in your planner with tons of helpful and productive things.

For example, you could use the blank pages for:

  • • journaling
  • • recording important dates and memories
  • • documenting milestones
  • • planning out your goals
  • • random lists
  • • sketching and drawing
  • • your favorite quotes and affirmations
  • • gratitude

I love jotting down cute things my kids say and saving the dates of all their milestones!

Utilizing the blank space in my planner this way has made each one special and increasing my organization and productivity ten-fold.

Skip to the end? rEAD ME!

It’s ok if you skipped to the end.

It happens to the best of us!


Here’s all the good stuff you missed to help you use your planner to be the best, most productive version of yourself:


Have you been using your planner all wrong?  Do you think these tips will help you be more productive and organized?  Comment below!

stay kind,