20 Inspiring Acts Of Kindness For Valentine’s Day



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20 Inspiring Acts Of Kindness For Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love, right?

So, what can you do on February 14th to spread the love all day long?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

Spread the love this Thursday with these 20 inspiring acts of kindness for Valentine’s Day.

acts of kindness for valentine's day
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Spreading the love on Valentine’s Day will undoubtedly make you feel good, as well as the people around you.

And, the best part?  Most acts of kindness don’t cost a dime.

Just smile, be kind, and spread good vibes.

Alright!  Let’s jump into the twenty ways that you can spread the love this Valentine’s Day.

1.  Pay it forward/backward
However you want to call it, paying it forward (or backward) is the perfect way to spread the love on Valentine’s Day.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, you simply pay for the person’s order who is behind you in line.

So, when you get your morning coffee this Valentine’s Day, leave an extra few bucks with the cashier for the customer behind you.

Doing this is definitely gonna put a smile on somebody’s face!

2.  Leave inspiring + positive sticky notes around your home
Pick up a cute package of Valentine’s Day sticky notes and write positive and inspiring quotes + notes on them.

Then, leave them all over your house.

On the mirrors, your kitchen cabinets, inside the fridge, the lampshades….you get the point. 😛

inspiring acts of kindness for valentine's day
3.  Compliment somebody
Make it a point to tell somebody something you love and admire about them on Valentine’s Day (and every day going forward)!
4.  Clean out your closet and donate it all
For this act of kindness for Valentine’s Day you’ll need a box and some motivation.

Spring clean your closet and donate every thing you no longer wear to a charity.

Your trash is somebody else’s treasure!

5.  Rescue a puppy or kitten from your local animal shelter
Spread the love this Valentine’s Day by giving a dog or cat a loving home.

But, make sure you’re adopting from an animal shelter to make this act of kindness for Valentine’s Day really count!

inspiring acts of kindness for valentine's day
6.  Write somebody a love note
Write somebody you love a heartfelt letter for Valentine’s Day to let them know how much they’re loved.
7.  Bring homemade cookies to share at work
Mmmm, sharing food is always an act of kindness in my books.

Bake some chocolate chip cookies and bring them into work to share with coworkers on Valentine’s Day!

I know you’ll put a smile on everybody’s face.

8.  Smile at somebody
Smiling is contagious, so smile often today!
9.  Leave positive comments on your friends’ instagram posts
Lift your friends’ spirits by leaving positive comments on their recent Instagram posts!


10.  Leave your server the BIGGEST tip you can
Make somebody’s day by leaving your server the biggest tip you can afford!

Spread the love on Valentine’s Day so your good karma will come back around when you need it most.

inspiring acts of kindness for valentine's day
11.  Write somebody a list of all the reasons they’re AWESOME
You got this.
inspiring acts of kindness for valentine's day
12.  Put your phone away and meaningfully engage today
This Valentine’s Day make it a point to put your phone away so you can be present all day long.

Give the people you love the attention that they deserve and make sure they feel your attention and love all day long.

13.  Plant a tree
Be kind to Mother Earth!

Do her a solid today and plant a tree on Valentine’s Day.

…A love fern, if you will.

14.  Ride your bike or walk to where you need to be
Another great way to be kind to the planet this Valentine’s Day!
15.  Wheel your neighbors trash to the curb on trash day
They’ll love you for it!
16.  Run or walk for a good cause
Sign up for a local run/walk who donates all profits to a cause you believe in!
inspiring acts of kindness for valentine's day
17.  Ask somebody something about themselves
Showing an interest in somebody else is a meaningful (and free) act of kindness for Valentine’s Day.
18.  Treat your bestie to lunch
Communicate your love through food.  Always.
19.  Clean up your local park
Gather a few friends or people from your neighborhood to clean up your local park.
20.  Do something YOU love today
Show yourself kindness on Valentine’s Day by making time for something that YOU love today.
inspiring acts of kindness for valentine's day
Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to start a new habit in your life – the habit of spreading the love.

So, spread good vibes wherever you are on Valentine’s Day and every day after.

And, have a love filled Valentine’s Day!

inspiring acts of kindness for valentine's day
– michelle
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