5 Powerful Reasons Why You Need To Stop Publishing Blog Income Reports

blog income report

track your blog income!

record your earnings with your blog income printable

track your blog income!

blog income reports

record your earnings with your blog income printable

5 Powerful Reasons Why You Need To Stop Publishing Blog Income Reports

Ah, the oh-so-not-original blog income reports posts.  Are we still not over this trend, fellow bloggers?

Honestly, I am so over going on Pinterest and seeing thirty-five blog income reports, each one claiming to have made an insane amount of money last month.

I mean, not only is the internet not the place for your income, but it also isn’t an ethical way to make more money blogging. 

Cause let’s face it.  If you’re claiming to make $30,000/month from your blog, why in the damn hell do you need to promote that to make even more money?  If you want to teach people how to make money blogging, your only reference shouldn’t be your claimed blogging income, you know?

Blog income reports are a shady way to clickbait people and an even shadier way to make more money.  And, frankly, I wish the blog income report trend would die.

I’ve got 5 powerful reasons why blog income reports should become a thing of the past and what you should be doing instead to promote your money making tips.

(Potty mouth disclosure:  I’m gonna drop some f-bombs along the way.)

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Okay, enough of me ranting about blog income reports…for now.

Here are the 5 real reasons why you should stop publishing blog income reports:

1.  They put you at major risk

2.  One blog income report is MORE than enough

3.  Blog income reports are unimpressive + unnecessary

4.  Your business accounting + blog income reporting *might* be wrong

5.  It is unethical to use your *impressive* income as leverage to make more sales (of usually insanely overpriced products)

Don’t get me wrong.  I 100% understand why people publish blog income reports.

I mean, why wouldn’t somebody want to buy your products or use your affiliate links when you claim to have mastered the art of blogging and are making twenty-five fucking thousand dollars a month?  Any normal human is going to see that large of a number and want to know your secrets.  But, are you giving them the whole story?

And, at the end of the day, is it all worth it?


Truth:  advertising your income on the internet is STUPID.  And a surefire way to increase your risk of being hacked or robbed or BOTH.

This seems pretty obvious to me but apparently, it isn’t to most big bloggers who promote to millions of people that they make hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars every single month.

I mean, we live in the golden age of the internet, people!  Our election was canoodled with two years ago, so what makes you think that your bank account (which you advertise could have hundreds of thousands of dollars in) is so safe from these hackers?

Well, let me be the one to break it to you.  Your bank account is not safe from hackers.

Or what about literal robbers?

Think about it.  Most bloggers have an email list, right?  And, the emails that they send are required to disclose an address in every single one, right?  So, now you’ve just given people the knowledge that you are rich and access to an address where they might find you residing at, working at, or picking up mail at.

Hmm….maybe not such a smart predicament to risk putting yourself in, eh?

Hey, maybe you think I’m being dramatic, but it is such an insane risk to publish your income on the internet and I’m not sure why more people don’t stop doing it.

Is the risk of publishing blog income reports really worth the sales you get from it?


Trust me when I say, ONE blog income report flaunting that you make thousands of dollars a month from your blog is mooooorreee than enough.

As I said, I get it.  You want to use the fact that you successfully launched a blog and make a full-time income from it as leverage for why people should purchase shit from you.  It is a smart business move.  But an ethical one?  A safe one?  Meh.

Don’t confuse my advice, either.  You don’t have to stop publishing blog income reports.  But, you do have to get more creative at titling your blog income report posts.

For example, let’s look at all the different ways you can say, “How I Made $32,657 Last Month Blogging:”

  • How To Earn A Full-Time Income From Your Blog In 6 Months Or Less
  • A Guide To Quit Your Full-Time Career To Blog Full-Time
  • How I Increased My Blog Profits By 27% From Last Month
  • Learn How You Can Support Your Family With Six-Figure Blogging Income

See, you can still get your point across without publishing your income on the internet.  With some creativity, you can make any blog post enticing enough to click on without disclosing your blogging income.

For example, for my first blog income report post, I titled it “How To Guarantee You’ll Make Money Your First Month Blogging.”

In this blog income report post, I explain in great detail how you should set up your blog from day one to ensure that you make money blogging from the get-go.  Not once do I disclose how much money I made during my first month blogging, and it is still one of my top performing posts, bringing in more than 500 views during the first month it was published.

If you provide killer content, you don’t need to use clickbaity info such as your actual income to get people to click your posts.

So, pick your craziest blog income number, publish your classic “How I Made $12,537 Last Month Blogging” post and then find more creative ways to recreate the same information next month.

You and I can both agree that our Pinterest feeds need some blogging variety, right?!


I just gotta say it.  Big bloggers, who are you trying to impress?

If you’re a fantastic blogger with all the inside knowledge on how to launch a successful blog that makes a crapton of money, you shouldn’t need to use your income to canoodle people into buying your overpriced course.

And!  Most importantly!  Your income is essentially irrelevant to the information that you are promoting in these blog income report posts.

See, the most important part of any blog income report post – and the main reason for writing your blog income reports – are the steps that you took to earn said money from blogging.  So, you can provide that kickass content (AKA – THE IMPORTANT INFORMATION) without disclosing your private income.

I.e., unimpressive and unnecessary.

I know, you’re wondering how do I prove to people that you made a full-time income from your blog without disclosing your income?  You can do this through percentage-based income reporting, which you can see an example of in my first blog income report, “How To Guarantee You’ll Make Money Your First Month Blogging,” that I mentioned earlier and in my second blog income report, How To Double Your Blogging Income Your Second Month In The Game.”

A level of trust is needed for this kind of blog income reporting, but let’s face it, you are trusting someone’s information whether they include their income or not because you have no way to know if any blogger is telling the truth when they claim to have made $54,732 last month.

You can download your percentage based blog income template, here


Let’s not all forget that you can write whatever the fuck you want on the internet (for the most part).

So, who is to say that somebody claiming to have made $40,000 last month blogging isn’t lying?  Or isn’t reporting their income accurately?  Or is overzealously reporting their income because #theinternet.

Here are some key ways that somebody could be wrongly reporting their blog income:

  • they are reporting the amount of money they *should* make that month based on email signups for a new launch
  • they are reporting the amount of money they *should* make once all payment plans are paid in full for their course, product, etc
  • the amount of money they are reporting doesn’t account for their monthly expenses
  • they are reporting the amount of money they *should* make if all pending affiliate sales clear

And, even if somebody isn’t reporting their blog income incorrectly, they could be leaving out key information that would change your perspective on the given information.

For example,  maybe you did make $30,000 last month blogging, but did you disclose that it took you 10 years to do so?  Or that you have two other crazy successful blogs that your new blog is thriving from?

I mean, I’m not a fool.  I know you are not required to provide this information, but nothing makes me madder than seeing somebody publish a post titled “How I Made $15,000 My Second Month Blogging” to later find out that they have three other blogs, so, like, duh!!!!!

As a blogger, I feel that you have a duty to be transparent, and sometimes it isn’t always that when it comes to blogging income and the internet.  So, cheers to letting the income on the internet trend die?


I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again.  Your only claim to the blogging hall of fame should not be your income.

You claim to fame should be:

  • that you mastered Pinterest,
  • or that you learned how to fund your love for travel through blogging,
  • or that you launched five different successful blogs.

Whatever your blogging niche is, you have the knowledge to promote it and the power to make money from it without using your income as click-bait.

And, to new bloggers entering the game,  be wary of purchasing high-priced products and courses from bloggers whose only claim to the blogging hall of fame is their said-to-be income, ya feel?

(I’ve launched a blog and become self-employed through this blog without spending more than $50 on blog related courses or products, so don’t feel pressured by big bloggers who tell you you’ll only make it big by using their information.)

Lastly, and MOST IMPORTANTLY.  Money is not everything.  Making hundreds of thousands of dollars is not a necessary component of having a successful blog.  Your blogging income does not determine your blogging success.  #preach


As I mentioned, I understand why people publish blog income reports to back up their claim that they have the answers to launching a money making blogging empire.

So, how do you support your claims without disclosing the evidence that is your income?  Through percentage-based blog income reporting.

As I mentioned, you can see two examples of this style of blog income reports in my first and second blog income reports.

And, to make your life easier, I’ve created a blog income report template that you can use to create your future blog income reports.

It is a super simple process that involves the simplest of math.  For example, if I made $10,000 in blog income last month, $5,000 being from affiliate marketing, I would report that I made 50% of my income from affiliates last month blogging.

See, simple!  And you get to maintain your privacy!

Click here for your instant download of my percentage-based blog income reporting template.

There you have it.  My five real reasons for why I don’t believe in disclosing my blog income on the internet and why I won’t be publishing your traditional blog income report posts on my blog.

And, I only dropped an f-bomb, like, once.

Truthfully, blog income reports almost never inspire me and almost always make me feel like I am not as successful a blogger because I haven’t made some insane amount of money from my blog.

And, frankly, I don’t want to make any other blogger feel like their income determines their blogging success because IT DOESN’T.

There is more to life – and more to blogging – than money, so, if your only motivation is the money, maybe you’re in the blogging game for the wrong reasons.

So, consider discontinuing the trend of publishing your monthly blog income on the internet!  Let’s inspire each other in new ways.

What are your thoughts on blog income reports?  Let us know in the comments below!


xx Michelle

Blog Income Reports -- Blog Income Reports Posts -- Blogging Income Reports -- Blog Income Reports Make Extra Money -- Blog Income Reports 2018
blog income report

track your blog income!

record your earnings with your blog income printable

track your blog income!

blog income reports

record your earnings with your blog income printable

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Blog Income Reports -- Blog Income Reports Posts -- Blogging Income Reports -- Blog Income Reports Make Extra Money -- Blog Income Reports 2018
Blog Income Reports -- Blog Income Reports Posts -- Blogging Income Reports -- Blog Income Reports Make Extra Money -- Blog Income Reports 2018
Blog Income Reports -- Blog Income Reports Posts -- Blogging Income Reports -- Blog Income Reports Make Extra Money -- Blog Income Reports 2018



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