7 Secret Bullet Journal Tips That The Pros Don’t Want You To Know

7 Secret Bullet Journal Tips That The Pros Don’t Want You To Know







7 Secret Bullet Journal Tips That The Pros Don’t Want You To Know

Do you wish you could start a bullet journal but don’t know how?

It can feel like you’ll never have the time, creativity, or motivation to start a bullet journal, but when you use these 7 tips, you’ll be able to create the bullet journal of your dreams!

These bullet journal tips took my bullet journal game from 0 to 100 and they will do the exact same thing for you!

Because, here’s the deal:

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Bullet journaling is so. much. fun.

Not only are you able to let your creative juices flow, but you’re also able to plan your days for productivity, create goals and habits, and track your success.

These are the 7 bullet journal tips that will make you a pro:

  1. Using Templates Isn’t Considered Cheating
  2. You Don’t Need Fancy Supplies
  3. You Don’t Need To Be An Artist
  4. Getting Started Is The Hardest Part
  5. It’s Ok To Get Inspiration From Others
  6. You’re Going To Make Mistakes
  7. It’s All About Having Fun

Let’s dive in!

1.  Using Templates isn’t considered cheating

Here’s the deal:  Creating each bullet journal page from scratch is intimidating.

Not to mention time-consuming, tedious, and unnecessary.

Using bullet journal templates to create your bullet journal spreads is not considered cheating – it’s encouraged!

Printable bullet journal templates make bullet journaling insanely easier and will help you achieve the bullet journal of your dreams.

That’s why we’ve created 87 unique bullet journal templates for you that you can reuse month after month to create drool-worthy bullet journal spreads like this one:

Bottom line?

If you’ve been dying to start a bullet journal but feel like you don’t have the time, motivation, or creativity, bullet journal templates are for you!

You can grab our ultimate bullet journal printable pack for a limited-time discounted price, below!

2.  You Don’t Need Fancy Supplies

We’ve all been there: Four hours deep into bullet journal YouTube videos mesmerized by beautiful, intricate, and creative spreads.

And what’s the one thing they all have in common: bullet journal supplies!

But, here’s a secret the pros don’t want you to know:

You can create beautiful bullet journal spreads without spending a ton of money on notebooks, fancy pens, pencils, markers, highlighters, washi tape, stickers, and more.

Here are the best and most affordable bullet journal supplies you need to get started:

1.  Notebooks – The Paperage bullet journal notebooks found on Amazon are dotted, durable, and highly rated. Oh!  And hella affordable.

2.  Pens – My favorite affordable pens are Pilot G2 Premium Gel Roller Fine Tip Pens.  These pens come in a variety of different colors and glide like a dream.  You can get a 20 pack of assorted colored pens for only $24!

3.  Markers – Old school Crayola markers are my top pick for affordable bullet journal supplies.  The broad point and super tip versions are great for handwriting, doodling, and accenting your bullet journal designs.

Honestly, you could stop here on the bullet journal supply train, but if you’re feeling like investing more into your creative experience, these are nice to have, too:

4.  Highlighters – Look for pastel colors, like these.

5.  Washi TapeThis set includes 30 different washi tapes for only $13.99!

6.  Stickers – You can get almost 1,000 stickers for just $12!

As I said, you don’t need a ton of fancy supplies – a notebook, some pens, and markers will do just fine.  (And you probably already have them lying around your house!)

3.  You Don’t Need To Be An Artist

I used to think that you needed to be an artist to enjoy bullet journaling.

But, you don’t.

And, as with all things, the more you practice the better you’ll get.

So, don’t let your artistic doubt stop you from expressing yourself creatively!

You do not need to be an artist to start a bullet journal.

4.  getting started is the hardest part

It may seem like the hardest part about bullet journaling is creating Instagram-worthy layouts, but this isn’t the case.

The hardest part about bullet journaling is getting started!

You can come up with a million excuses why you shouldn’t start a bullet journal, but I’ll give you one why you should:

Because you know you wanna.

It doesn’t matter what your layouts, spreads, and doodles look like: just get started!

5.  it’s ok to get inspiration from others

I’d be lying if I said I came up with every single bullet journal spread on my own.

(I think everybody would be lying!)

Getting inspiration from others on Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube is perfectly ok – and encouraged!

My favorite bullet journal YouTuber to get inspiration from is AmandaRachLee.  Check her out here!

6.  You’re Going To Make Mistakes

Having a mistake-free bullet journal would be an insanely high expectation to hold yourself to.

Because, here’s the deal:

Even the best of the best bullet journalers make mistakes!

And, even more:  Bullet journal mistakes are super easy to correct!

Let’s say you create a habit tracker header for your mood tracking page.  Oops!  Or maybe you have a bullet journal template that you want to change up.

Do 1 of these 3 things:

  1. Cover up your mistake with a cut-to-size piece of paper and re-write your header/layout
  2. Use whiteout
  3. Place washi tape over your mistake and continue on

For example:

Don’t get discouraged if you’re making mistakes as you begin bullet journaling!

Practice makes perfect and, as you know now, bullet journal mistakes are super easy to fix.

7.  it’s all about having fun

At the end of the day, bullet journaling is all about having fun.

It may not seem like reality, but bullet journaling is not about having the most Instagram-worthy layout.

Bullet journaling is all about expressing yourself creatively, planning productive days, and tracking your success.

As long as you enjoy the process of bullet journaling and create spreads that you love, you are a pro bullet journaler!

There ya go!

Those are my seven best bullet journal tips for beginners.

Don’t forget:  Our Bullet Journal Printables Pack is on sale for a limited time only.

Finally, get started on the bullet journal of your dreams by downloading 87 templates that you can customize to your liking!

happy planning!

– michelle

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