How To Easily Double Your Blogging Income Your Second Month Blogging

Double your blogging income.

Swipe the proven steps to increase engagement + double your blog income next month.

Increase blogging Income - Blogging Income Reports - Blogging Income 2018 - Double Blogging Income

How To Easily Double Your Blogging Income Your Second Month Blogging

Did you start a blog and make blogging income during your first-month blogging?

If yes, go you!  That is a huge feat to accomplish!  And, if you aren’t there just yet, you’ll wanna check out the post “How To Guarantee You’ll Make Money Your First Month Blogging.”

So, once you’ve successfully made money blogging, you simply need to keep the ball rolling to increase your blogging income.  I know, sounds simple, right?

It is simple!  Logically, more affiliate posts + content = more content for Pinterest = more traffic from Pinterest = more blogging income.

Well, it’s a little more in-depth than that 😉

Use these 5 strategies to double your blogging income in your second (or third or fourth or fifth…) month blogging.  (#2 is SOOO simple + soooo overlooked)


Blogging Income - Blogging Income Reports - Blogging Income 2018 - Double Blogging Income

This post may contain affiliate links.  All reviews are our own, honest opinion.  See disclaimer here.

So, it may not be super obvious that this is a blog income report, cuz I do things a little differently around here.

It isn’t obvious that this is my blog income report for my second month blogging full-time because you don’t see any dollar signs anywhere.  You know, the classic blog income report post title, “How I Made $37,845 Blogging Last Month” or some other ridiculous number.

You see, I don’t believe in disclosing your income on the internet simply for clicks.  Cause let’s face it, the only reason anybody is telling you how much money they make from blogging is to get more clicks to their website (and more money from you).  (Which I get it – we all want clicks and we all need to earn a living.  But when you’re making $30,000 a month, you don’t need to prey on people’s insecurities to get more money from the course you’re trying to sell them.)

What I am trying to say is, the internet is not the place to share your income.

And, look.  I got you to click to my post without telling you how much money I made.  I’m also going to tell you all the juicy deets + steps I took that made it possible to double my blogging income my second month in the game full-time.  That’s the important info, right?  RIGHT.  Not the number next to the $ sign. 

Alrighty…let’s double your blogging income, friend.

(Oh and don’t worry – I still tell you every single source through whom I earned money – but I use percentages instead of dollars…you’ll see!)


As I said, before we get into the income report, I  gotta spill all the juicy info I have on doubling your blogging income during your second-month in the club.  (AKA, the main reason you came to this post…see!)

Here are the six steps I’ll be breaking down to you:

1. Evaluate what works

2.  Repurpose popular content

3.  Link to an affiliate in every single post (or another post containing affiliate links)

4.  Engage in your email marketing

5. Continue Pinterest Promotion

Blogging is a slow and steady process and if you trust the process, work the process, and be patient – you will be rewarded.

Step One:  What Worked Last Month?

The easiest way to double your blogging income during your second-month blogging is to evaluate what worked last month.

You want to see:

  • Which blog posts received the most traffic
  • What pins performed well (got a lot of clicks to your website)
  • Which blog posts converted into affiliate sales

To find out which posts + pins got the most love during your first-month blogging, log into your Google Analytics. You’ll find the stats for your posts and your pins in two different places.

To see which blog posts received the most traffic in Google Analytics, go to >> Behavior >> Site Content >> All Pages.  Here you’ll find a list of your top posts + pages.  To see which pins performed the best for your top content in Google Analytics, go to Acquisition >> Social >> Network Referrals >> Pinterest.  Here you’ll see a list of your top posts, again, but if you click on the link it will bring you to another list of the top pins associated with that post.

Finally, to see which blog posts converted into affiliate sales, you have to dig around your affiliate products’ dashboards, but this information can usually be found in the analytics or statistics tab.

Then, with this knowledge, you can repurpose your old content that has a high engagement rate to continue increasing your traffic and your blogging income because you understand that this is content that your audience enjoys.  You’ll also understand what combination of image and words work best on your Pinterest pins so you can create pins that get high click-through rates.  SO. MUCH. KNOWLEDGE.

Let’s talk about how you can repurpose old content, now.

Step Two:  Re-Purpose Popular Content

Repurposing your popular content (and the content that converts) is always a good idea because you know that this topic performs well (and converts well).

You can repurpose your high-converting and popular blog posts in three ways:

1.  Write new blog posts with a different take (How To Make Money Your First Month Blogging –>  How To Double Your Blogging Income Your Second Month Blogging)

2.  Create freebies based on and for your high traffic posts (How To Double Your Blog Income Checklist)

3.  Create products based on your popular posts + highest converting affiliate products because you know that your audience wants this information and, most importantly, will pay for this information (The Complete Guide To Making Money With Affiliate Marketing eCourse)

Repurposing content isn’t saved strictly for your popular content.

You can repurpose old content that isn’t doing too hot in three ways:

1.  Add more information and affiliate linking (if you can) to your post to make it more valuable (remember to include keywords to make your post rank well in Pinterest + Google searches)

2.  Create a freebie (or a new freebie) for your post to see if it converts better

3.  Create new Pinterest pins with a new combination of image + text (don’t forget to include keywords in your design and in your pin description)

Not only does repurposing old content beef up your blog, but it is also an easy way to regenerate engagement in topics that you know work well with your audience.  It is an instant traffic + income booster.

Step Three:  Beef Up Your Affiliate Marketing

How do you make money blogging with affiliate links?  By having them strategically placed all over your blog.

So, to ensure you’ll continue to make money during your second-month blogging, you gotta continue beefing up your affiliate marketing game.

To beef up your affiliate marketing game, you can:

  • write more blog posts (reviews, lists, how to’s, round-ups, evergreen)
  • make sure all current posts have links to affiliate products within them or that they link to another post that contains affiliate links
  • create pins that link directly to your affiliate product instead of to your blog post
  • integrate your affiliate links into your email marketing

As I said, the only way to make an affiliate sale is to promote your affiliate product.  So, create tons of content about your affiliates and promote, promote, promote.

Step Four:  Say Hello To Email Marketing

If you caught my last income report (How To Guarantee You’ll Make Money Your First Month Blogging), you know the importance of email marketing.

Make sure you’ve created an account with MailChimp and installed the Bloom opt-in plugin on your blog to begin collecting email subscribers for your freebies.

With a growing email list, it is time to engage your audience with meaningful and helpful emails to further their interest in your affiliate product(s).

To do this you can send out a few emails about your affiliates that are proven to generate clicks:

Engaging with your audience after they’ve left your website is an invaluable way to make a lasting connection with people that will continue to buy from you over and over again.

Step Five:  Pinterest Is Your Answer To Doubling Your Income

All the steps before this are awesome + necessary, but the most important step to doubling your blogging income your second-month blogging is to continue your Pinterest marketing.

Cuz, your blog posts ain’t sh*t if nobody is reading them.

The easiest + quickest way to drive traffic to your new blog is to use Pinterest and Tailwind.  To get started with Pinterest + Tailwind, follow these simple steps:

1.  Sign up for a Pinterest Business Account

2.  Enable rich pins on Pinterest

3.  Create an SEO filled bio on Pinterest, like ours

4.  Create multiple boards relevant to your blogging niche using keywords in the title + description of the board (see ours)

5.  Design eye-catching pins using Canva (aim for 3-4 pins per posts/freebie/product)

6.  Join group boards to contribute to using PinGroupie

7.  Automate your pinning and reach thousands of people with the Tailwind App

Now, with all that being said, I cannot stress enough how important keywords are when you’re using Pinterest

The discoverability of your pins depends solely on the keywords you use in the title and description of the pin, the keywords on the actual pin, and the keywords used in the file name.  It is also crazy important to pin your pins to boards with relevant keywords. (Try to avoid general “post anything” group boards.)

You can easily find keywords related to your blog post by using the search bar on Pinterest.  Simply search a topic like “budgeting” and you will be shown tons of other keywords related to your search.  These are the keywords that you want to include in your board and pin descriptions to increase your chances of being found.

As I mentioned, Pinterest and Tailwind are the only two things that I used to bring traffic to my blog during my second month, directly resulting in the income I made.

With over 5,000+ pageviews from Pinterest + Tailwind, I was able to convert my blog posts about affiliate products into sales, accounting for 61% of my income during my second-month blogging.  Those same 5,000+ pageviews are also what landed me the other 39% of my income through the selling of digital + physical products on my blog.

Speaking of blogging income, let’s jump over to those stats.


During my second month blogging, my income came from two sources:

1.  Affiliate Marketing – 61%

2.  Product Sales – 39%

As you can see, affiliate marketing is a great place to spend a lot of time on in the beginning because it is a killer source of passive income.

Once you write the posts, create the freebies, and create sales funnels, your affiliate marketing will run on autopilot – earning you money while you sleep + helping you double your blogging income your second month in the game.

Let’s break down my affiliate marketing + product sales.


Blogging Income - Blogging Income Reports - Blogging Income 2018 - Double Blogging Income

As I mentioned, 61% of my income during my first-month blogging came from affiliate products.

The affiliate programs that helped me earn my blogging income were:

1.  TMDHosting:  90% of affiliate income

2.  Amazon Associates:  5% of affiliate income

3.  The Day Designer: 5% of affiliate income

Clearly, my TMDHosting affiliate is my highest converting program, thus why I plan to promote it more in the coming months using the strategies listed above.

Click here to increase your blogging income + start making money from TMDHosting.


Blogging Income - Blogging Income Reports - Blogging Income 2018 - Double Blogging Income

The rest of my blogging income (39%) from my second-month blogging full-time came from product sales.

The products that converted well for me were:

1.  The Budget Boss Financial Planner – 34% of product sales

2.  The Budget Boss eBook To Easily Master Your Finances – 34% of product sales

3.  WSW Merch – 32% of product sales

Selling products related to your niche that your audience loves is a killer way to substantially increase your income from blogging.

To decide what products you should create for your audience, evaluate what affiliate products sell the best for you.  Then, create products that you know your audience will love.

I clearly failed to take into consideration what my audience was already buying when I created my financial planner and eBook.  They sell ok, but probably not as well as if I had done some thorough research first.  So, let me be your warning – DO YOUR HOMEWORK before launching a product.

Because creating + launching a product is hella time consuming and you don’t want to waste your time creating a product that your readers don’t want.


My goal for my third month blogging full-time is to double my revenues again.  (Something I plan to do until my blogging income is steadily covering my expenses.)

I plan to do this solely through affiliate marketing + content creation because I believe that it will give me the most bang for my buck.  Plus, my blog is still relatively new, making content creation majorly important right now.

I also want to focus a lot of my time on Pinterest marketing to increase my page views.

During November, I plan to:

  • publish new + informative blog posts 2-3 times per week
  • repurpose old content that is performing well
  • create new pins for old posts that aren’t getting clicked
  • try a different Pinterest pinning strategy that doesn’t involve Tailwind (more on this next month!)

Check back here next month to see if I doubled my income in my third-month blogging and if the new Pinterest pinning strategy I’m trying increases my page views!

Correct me if I am wrong, but I just gave you every juicy detail on how to double your blogging income during your second (or third, or fourth) month blogging and I didn’t need to divulge my private income…hmmmm!

Anyway, by repurposing old content, beefing up affiliate marketing, and creating new content, I can guarantee you’ll see a spike in your blogging income.

Don’t forget your FREE checklist to ensure you’ll double your blogging income.  Click here for your instant download.

Do you have more strategies to increase blogging income?  Awesome!  Share with us in the comments below 🙂

Happy blogging,

xx Michelle

Double your blogging income, ASAP.

Double your blogging income, ASAP.

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Increase blogging Income - Blogging Income Reports - Blogging Income 2018 - Double Blogging Income
Increase blogging Income - Blogging Income Reports - Blogging Income 2018 - Double Blogging Income
Increase blogging Income - Blogging Income Reports - Blogging Income 2018 - Double Blogging Income
Increase blogging Income - Blogging Income Reports - Blogging Income 2018 - Double Blogging Income
Increase blogging Income - Blogging Income Reports - Blogging Income 2018 - Double Blogging Income
Increase blogging Income - Blogging Income Reports - Blogging Income 2018 - Double Blogging Income
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