The Best WordPress Hosting For Your Website In 2020

The Best WordPress Hosting For Your Website In 2020

Updated On August 4, 2020

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With so many options, how on earth are you supposed to choose the best WordPress hosting for your new blog?!

And, why is WordPress hosting so important to the success of your new website?

Well, here’s the deal:

Choosing a good WordPress host is critical to the well-being of your website because your blog will rely on your host for its security, speed, and uptime.

Without it, your website will be slow, prone to crashing, and at risk for hackers.  And, we don’t want any of that nonsense, right?



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When selecting WordPress hosting for your blog, you need to consider these four things:

1.  Speed:  Your host determines how fast your website performs.  And nobody (I mean nobody) is going to stick around your website if it’s taking more than 5 seconds to load.

(For example, my favorite host provides speeds that are 32x faster than its competitors.)

2.  Up Time:  Your host determines whether or not your website crashes.  Aka, whether or not somebody can view your website, which is obvs very important if you’re trying to earn a living from your blog.

(My OG WordPress host guarantees 99.999% uptime on all sites!)

3.  Price:  Please, I’m begging you, do not pay more for your host than you need to.

4.  Support:  Believe me.  You will need the support of your WordPress host time and time again, so make sure you choose a company that has a reliable and fast-acting support team.


I’ve researched WordPress hosts will these four things in mind and I’ve only added them to this list of the best WordPress hosting options in 2020 if they meet the criteria above.

So, who are the winners that we’ll be taking a deep dive into today?

I’m glad you asked 🙂

They are:

1.  TMDHosting

2.  SiteGround

3.  HostGator

4.  DreamHost

5.  GreenGeeks

Lessss do this so you can start the blog of your dreams!

P.S.  I know what you’re wondering:  Where is Bluehost on this list of the best WordPress hosting?!  Stick around till the end to see why I do not recommend Bluehost to anybody starting a blog.

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1.  TMDHosting

TMDHosting, in my opinion, has the most well-rounded stats, including low prices, fast sites, and incredible technical support.

SPEED:  TMDHosting has 32x faster website speeds than its competitors because they also use SSD servers.

UP-TIME: 99.999%

PRICE: Plans start as low as $2.95/month

TECHNICAL SUPPORT:  10/10 (based on personal experience)

TMDHosting has great prices, fast sites, great up-time, and even better support.

I switched from Bluehost to TMDHosting recently and experience a fast website that maintains its up-time 100% of the time thus far.

But, what sets them apart from the crowd is their technical support.

Every time I have needed assistance with my WordPress blog, they have been available to quickly and professionally handle my issue.

You can read more about my love for TMDHosting, here.

Overall score: 10/10

2.  SiteGround

Although SiteGround can become expensive if you need to upgrade your hosting, they have stand-out ratings in other areas of importance when it comes to web hosting.

SPEED:  They use advanced server speed technologies, namely SSD.  They then add their own caching tools, making their sites incredibly fast.

UP-TIME: 100%

PRICE: Plans start as low as $3.95/month

TECHNICAL SUPPORT:  10/10 (based on consumer reviews, averaging 5-stars among reviews)

As you can see, SiteGround is an incredibly reliable hosting company to use for your blog.

They have extremely fast website speeds, 100% website up-time, and incredible support.

The only reason why I don’t host with them, is because their Cloud hosting (which my website needs), is pretty pricey.

But, the higher price tag might be worth it to you knowing that your website will be operating correctly and quickly 100% of always.

Overall score: 8/10

Web Hosting

3.  HostGator

HostGator provides cheap web hosting, but does it stand up well in the other areas?

SPEED:  HostGator claims to be 2x faster than it’s competitors sites and loads 94% faster than average (based on a Pingdom test done by WPBeginner)

UP-TIME: 99.9% guarantee – which is backed by a one month credit on your account if your site has downtime that falls short of that.

PRICE: Plans start as low as $2.75/month

TECHNICAL SUPPORT:  3/10 (based off of consumer reviews which rarely receive more than a 3-star rating)

So, HostGator has some pros and cons and depending on what is more valuable to you, you may decide to host your blog with them.

It is great that they provide the 99.9% up-time guarantee, something that I haven’t seen before personally.

If you’re looking to save money, HostGator might be your best option.

But, if technical support means a lot to you, I wouldn’t recommend HostGator.

Overall rating: 5/10

4.  DreamHost

5.  GreenGeeks

PSA:  Do Not Use Bluehost As Your WordPress Host

So it might seem weird to include a hosting company that I don’t necessarily recommend.

But, many, many other people recommend Bluehost, so I thought I’d include the facts about their hosting plans and also let you know about my personal experience with them.

First things first, how’s their speed, up-time, and technical support?

SPEED:  Bluehost websites load 85% faster than other sites (based on a Pingdom test done by WPBeginner)

UP-TIME: 94.999%

PRICE: Plans start as low as $2.95/month (billed annually)


So, Bluehost provides pretty fast website speeds and has a pretty reliable up-time rate.

They also have very low prices, which is great.  But, be aware that the rate of $2.95/month is when you purchase the hosting annually.

The reason I don’t recommend Bluehost for your blog, however, is because of the last section – technical support.

I had a bad experience with Bluehost’s technical support team (which you can read about, here) and therefore, I switched hosting companies.

I don’t feel like Bluehost provides it’s customers the technical support that we are paying for, and so, I do not recommend you use them for your blog.

The low prices may seem intriguing at first, but when your website is crashing and your host isn’t available to help you, that’s not fun.

Overall rating: 5/10

Let’s Review:

So, to review:

Bluehost – Ranks well for speed, up-time, and price.  Doesn’t score well for technical support.

HostGator – Also ranks well for speed, up-time, and price.  Does not score well for technical support, either.

For this reason, I only recommend Bluehost or HostGator if you have to save a few bucks, because I know what it is like to host with a company who doesn’t offer much support – it sucks.

SiteGround – Has great speeds, amazing up-time (100%), and good technical support.  However, they have higher price tags than some hosts

TMDHosting – All around great scores on speed, up-time, price, and support.

For your WordPress blog, I recommend SiteGround or TMDHosting to ensure your site loads quickly and never experiences downtime.

So, are you ready to start that blog of yours?  I know I’m ready to read it!

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– Michelle

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