How To Get Blog Traffic From Pinterest Quickly + Easily

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How To Get Blog Traffic From Pinterest Quickly + Easily

It was in my fourth month blogging full-time when I truly realized the importance of traffic if you want to make money blogging.

And, fortunately, I quickly found a method to get blog traffic that works fast and is easy to learn.

Now, I am generating over 42,500 page views in my fifth month blogging, all thanks to several epic Pinterest strategies and a manual pinning method.

how to get blog traffic from pinterest

Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission.

Unfortunately, as much as the “big” bloggers like to tell you that you can make money blogging without thousands of pageviews, it isn’t a realistic truth for most bloggers – especially new bloggers.

The good news is, though, is that you can make a lot of money blogging if you increase your blog traffic and take advantage of as many income streams as possible – including, but not limited to:

Cuz, I mean, let’s think about it.

The more times somebody see’s your affiliate link or your product’s landing page, the more likely somebody is going to purchase something.  So, it makes sense that you need a ton of page views to see conversions, especially when the average conversion rate is just 2%.

With this realization in mind, I’ve focused most of my blogging attention recently into increasing blog traffic with Pinterest, resulting in 42,574 page views during our fifth month blogging (all thanks to these tips + tricks.)

So, are you ready to get blog traffic from Pinterest quick + easy?


how to get blog traffic from pinterest

As I mentioned, Who Says What was able to get over 40,000 page views in one month due to two things:

  1. Crucial Pinterest methods
  2. Manual Pinning Strategy

Once I began implementing the following Pinterest tips and a manual pinning strategy, my blog traffic instantly spiked – going from an average of 200 page views a day to over 600 page view per day.

As you can see, our blog traffic substantially increased when we started using this new Pinterest strategy.

But, before we jump into the manual pinning strategy, let’s make sure your Pinterest account is set up for success.


Now, before you can start pinning on Pinterest to generate traffic, you need to set up your Pinterest for success.

You’ll also need to master the art of creating a viral pin.

So, to do that, here are the 14 critical tips you need to master Pinterest before you begin manually pinning for traffic.

If you have a personal Pinterest account, I highly recommend starting a brand new Business Pinterest account for your blog instead of trying to convert your personal Pinterest into a business account.

Creating a business account for your blog is crucial because it will give you access to Pinterest analytics and the ability to run ads.  And, bonus!  It is completely FREE (and easy)!

To create a business account for your blog, click here.

2.  Apply for Pinterest Rich Pins

Rich pins are sooooo important to stand out on Pinterest as a business instead of a casual user.

Rich pins make using Pinterest more enjoyable and associate your account with a more profesional brand, so get started with rich pins for your blog, click here.

3.  Add eye-grabbing and on-brand Pinterest profile picture

This step is pretty self explanatory, but you want to have an eye-catching and profesional Pinterest profile so people can easily recognize your brand and associate it with your kickass blog.

Use a 165 x 165 Canva template to create your Pinterest profile picture.

If you have a profesional camera, experiment with taking headshots in front of a bright background or outside for bright lighting.  Make sure to stick to your brand and you’ll be golden!

4.  Include niche-related keywords in Pinterest name

I’m sure you’ve noticed that most bloggers include keywords after their blog name in their profile.  Something to this effect:  BLOG NAME | Blogging Tips + Pinterest Marketing Ideas.

This is smart + you should do it, too.

Including keywords related to your niche in your profile name makes it easier for people to find you when they search for said keywords.

5.  Write keyword-rich profile description

Similar to your Pinterest profile name, you want to include keywords in your profile description.

Here is an example of ours: “Intentional living ideas, ethical living tips, personal growth inspiration, and financial freedom tips to turn your stressful life into your best life!”

If you have a popular freebie, post, or product, it is also a smart idea to link to it in your description.

how to get blog traffic from pinterest

6.  Create niche-related boards with keyword-rich descriptions

Let’s state the obvious:  Nobody is going to follow you on Pinterest if you don’t have niche-related boards that are filled with awesome + relevant content.

So, to start your Pinterest profile off on the right foot, create 30-50 boards that are titled with keywords and have keyword-rich descriptions.

7.  Add relevant pins to boards

Once you’ve created 30-50 Pinterest boards, you need to fill them with related pins to ensure that Pinterest understands what your boards are about.

To easily fill your new boards with related pins, click into a board and then select “More ideas.”  Then, scroll through the related pins that Pinterest suggests and press the plus button to add them to your board.

Aim to have at least 50 related pins in each of your boards before you add any of your own pins to them.  This increases the odds that Pinterest will recognize quickly what your pin is about and who to show it to.

8.  Create 2-5 optimally sized Pinterest pins for every post

It is crucial that you create your pins in a size that is best optimized for Pinterest.  If your pin is too small, it won’t get noticed. If it is too big, important words and calls to action will be cut off.

So, Pinterest recommends that you create pins that are 600 x 900, however I use a pin layout on Canva that is 600 x 1250.  I find that this larger size performs better on Pinterest and none of it gets cut off.

I highly recommend that you create multiple pin templates in Canva so when it comes to designing your 2-5 pins per post, it isn’t as time consuming.

9.  Use original images (not free stock photos) for your pins

So, it may seem like a pretty miniscule thing, but using original photos instead of free stock photos for your pins is a key way to get them to show up on people’s feeds more often.

I’m sure you’ve noticed it:  Different pins from different bloggers with the same image, but different words.  This is because the image they used is a free stock photo that everybody on the internet has the same access to, such as one found on or  This is bad because when Pinterest is looking for related pins to attach to your pin, it will pull other pins with the same images – even if they are unrelated.

Doing this HURTS your pins.

So, to avoid using images that other bloggers have likely already used on their pins, sign up for Shutterstock.

how to get blog traffic from pinterest

10.  Use bold, bright, and easy-to-read fonts on pins

Just as important as the images you use on your pins are the words you place on them.

First, it is key that you stick to using 2-3 easy to read fonts.

Also, make sure your words are big enough to be read on mobile devices!  Think about using bright colors or bolded fonts to emphasive important words on your pin.

Then, once you’ve decided on the fonts you want to use, make sure to write compelling titles that make people want to click, like these ones.

11.  Include a call to action on every single pin

So, you’ve created a pin thus far that has an original image and impelling + easy-to-read words on it.

But, to encourage people even more to click your pin (or visit your profile), you need to add a call-to-action to every single pin, like these ones.

12.  Include your logo on every single pin

It is super important that you add your trademark to every single pin you publish on Pinterest.

This is key for two reasons:

1.  So people can identify your brand + follow your profile

2.  To decrease the liklihood that your pins are stolen (yes, this is a very real and very annoying reality)

Adding your trademark to your pins is as simple as writing your website url on the bottom of each pin.  Or, you can add your logo.

how to get blog traffic from pinterest

13.  Add your pin to Pinterest with keyword-rich file name, title, and description

You MUST save you pin images to your computer with a file name that INCLUDES KEYWORDS!

Then, add your pins to Pinterest and create a keyworded title + description.

14.  Save your pin to a relevant board

Finally, save your pin to a RELATED + RELEVANT board! DO NOT ADD TO A GENERIC GROUP BOARD!

If you pin/post is about dealing with anxiety DO NOT add it to a group board titled “Best Bloggers On Pinterest.”

This is a very important step in ensuring that Pinterest knows what your pin is about and who to show it to.

So, now that you know the basics (if you can call them that) of Pinterest and are ready to start engaging on the platform.

Your rate of engagement will directly reflect your page views, so let’s jump into the best way to pin on Pinterest to increase page views.


So, what is this epic pinning strategy that has helped us increase our page views by roughly 10,000 users a month?

Well, we increased our blog traffic by 350% during our first month and by 26% our second month with a manual pinning strategy laid out in the eBook Pinteresting Strategies.

See, before purchasing Carly’s SUPER affordable eBook, Pinteresting Strategies, I followed the blog traffic advice that you hear from most bloggers:

  1. Create + set up a Pinterest Business Account
  2. Create awesome pins with Canva
  3. Join targeted Pinterest group boards with PinGroupie
  4. Use Tailwind to schedule pins

I followed these steps month after month, joining countless group boards, making tons of awesome pins, but we never get more than 7,500 page views in a single month.  What the heck!

Finally, enough was enough, so I scoured Pinterest to find another way to increase blog traffic.  (A strategy without Tailwind because I wasn’t convinced that it was all that every body cracks it up to be).  I found tons of reviews on Pinteresting Strategies and after reading a few encouraging posts, I invested the $47 and bought it for myself.

Guys…BEST $47 I HAVE I EVER SPENT.  I mean, you can see in the screenshot below of our blog traffic from Pinterest – Carly’s manual pinning strategy works.  And it works FAST.

how to get blog traffic from pinterest


So, as I mentioned, the Pinterest strategy that you will learn from Pinteresting Strategies is a manual pinning strategy, meaning that it will take you time.  Like hours and hours of time.  Every single day.

However, I quickly realized that I could not manage 4-6 hours of manual pinning + writing blog posts + having a life, so I combined Carly’s manual pinning strategy with usage of Tailwind to create a Pinterest routine that shows great results but doesn’t take a ton of time.

See, you might remember me mentioning that I wasn’t convinced that Tailwind is all that it is hyped up to be.  Well, I was wrong.  I was simply using Tailwind wrong (and you probably are too if you have poor page views).  But, after reading the eBook Pinteresting Strategies and learning + implementing the Pinterest SEO tips that are crucial to your success, I began to see booming results from Tailwind.

Here is an overview of how I use both a manual pinning strategy + Tailwind to increase blog traffic every single month:

STEP ONE:  Login to Tailwind >> Publisher >> Your Schedule and create a pinning schedule of anywhere from 30-150 pins per day (depending on how many pins you have, boards you contribute to, etc – DON’T SPAM!)

STEP TWO:  Tailwind >> Publisher >> Board Lists and organize your group boards and personal boards by category to make pinning easier

STEP THREE:  Login to Google Analytics >> Acquisition >> Social >> Network Referrals >> Pinterest to see your top viewed posts/pages and the associated pins that bring you traffic (you will learn tons about this in Pinteresting Strategies)

STEP FOUR:  Use the information from step three about your top posts/pins to schedule new copies of your original pins using the Tailwind Extension for Google Chrome

STEP FIVE:  After scheduling your top pins from your tops posts, go back to Tailwind >> Scheduled Pins and shuffle your pins.  Doing this once a month accounts for the majority of my pinning on a daily basis.

STEP SIX:  To support Tailwind, (and to engage on Pinterest), manually pin 2-4 times per day for 30-60 mins (using Carly’s Pinteresting Strategies) but ONLY pin to YOUR PERSONAL BOARDS to avoid spamming group boards.  I found that just pinning to my personal boards when manually pinning cut down the time spent doing so because you no longer have to monitor what boards you are pinning to.

I have been following this blended pinning strategy for two months now and have seen my blog traffic skyrocket substantially from about 7,000 page views per month to over 42,500 page views in a single month.

If you want to increase blog traffic as quickly as possible, do not wait to purchase Pinteresting Strategies.

Our blog traffic through Pinterest (and Tailwind) was at a standstill month after month, never even getting 200 page views per day, let alone thousands.

Now, after reading “Pinteresting Strategies” and using the tips from Carly’s eBook we initially increased blog traffic by 350% in just 30 days.  The information in this eBook is gold, and is the reason for our 42,500+ page views in the month of January.

Seriously, do not hesitate to purchase Pinteresting Strategies if you want to increase your blog traffic quickly.

Are you ready to try Pinteresting Strategies to increase blog traffic with Pinterest?  You WON’T be disappointed with the results!


xx Michelle

how to get blog traffic from pinterest
increase blog traffic -- increase blog traffic with Pinterest -- increase blog traffic tips -- increase blog traffic easy

increase blog traffic!

use a blended pinning strategy to skyrocket your traffic + save time

increase blog traffic!

increase blog traffic -- increase blog traffic with pinterest -- increase blog traffic tips

use a blended pinning strategy to skyrocket your traffic + save time


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