The Strategy Expert Bloggers Use To Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest (I Skyrocketed My Blog Traffic By 223% In 17 Days)

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The Strategy Expert Bloggers Use To Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest (I Skyrocketed My Blog Traffic By 223% In 17 Days)


So, I’ve been blogging full-time for three months and when I say my blog traffic was crawling, I mean my blog traffic was an ant, in a rainstorm, trying to get his crumb to the top of his ant hill.

Nothing.  was.  working.

 I read every post I could find about how to get massive blog traffic from Pinterest and initiated all of their advice.

You know the deal:

  1. Get Tailwind
  2. Join group boards (using PinGroupie)
  3. Pin, pin, pin
  4. Get hundreds of thousands of pageviews

Right?  WRONG.

Increase Blog Traffic -- Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest -- Increase Blog Traffic Tips -- How To Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest

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I know you’re shaking your head in agreement right now because getting substantial blog traffic from Pinterest is NOT as easy as all bloggers make it out to be.

During my first 3-months blogging full-time, I was regularly putting out new content and creating new pins for Pinterest.  I followed those generic tips for generating blog traffic with Pinterest and Tailwind.  And then, I waited.

And waited.

I couldn’t seem to get more than 200 page views per day, and that was on a good day.  Finally, I had had enough of the slow traffic crawl, so I went to Pinterest once again to find real answers to my blog traffic struggles – where I found a post about manual pinning.

After going down the rabbit hole and reading post after post about manual pinning, I was convinced that this was the answer to my blog traffic struggles.  (And, it was!!)

 I used the tips from Carly’s eBook “Pinteresting Strategies” and saw INSTANT results from Pinterest, increasing my page views by 223% in only 18 days.

The Pinterest Strategy That Skyrocketed My Page Views:

As I mentioned above, most bloggers are going to recommend that you sign up for Tailwind if you want to generate blog traffic with Pinterest.  But, unfortunately, they often leave out key information that is necessary if you want to truly unlock Pinterest’s traffic potential.

Carly, from Mommy On Purpose, goes over these key pieces of information in her eBook “Pinteresting Strategies,” so you can fully understand how Pinterest works and what it takes to see real results from Pinterest.

For example, most bloggers will mention the importance of keywords on Pinterest because it is a search engine.  But, not a single blogger has given me the Pinterest SEO tips that Carly teaches – which are so, so, so, so important to getting your pins discovered and clicked on, on Pinterest.

Every piece of information supplied by Carly in her eBook is something that I had never learned before from another blogger and she truly helps you understand Pinterest on a whole other level – which is essential to your success on Pinterest.

She says in her eBook that you can’t understand Pinterest if you don’t use Pinterest, and that resonated so much with my usage of Tailwind.  No wonder I wasn’t seeing any results – because I wasn’t actually using Pinterest. (And Pinterest knows this!)

The manual pinning strategy that Carly will teach you in “Pinteresting Strategies” is 100% your answer to increasing your blog traffic with Pinterest.

Let’s look at the results my blog saw after I read and started using the tips from Carly’s kickass eBook.

My Pinteresting Strategies Results (I increased my page views by 223% in 18 days!)

As you can see, after using the tips from Carly’s eBook, I increased my pageviews from Pinterest by 223% in 18 days.

By the way, this seems like a good time to mention that I am on a traffic mission right now because I am aiming to reach 25,000 sessions/month so I can apply to the Mediavine ad network + generate passive income.

(Don’t let anybody tell you that you shouldn’t waste your time with ad revenue!  Carly makes thousands of dollars per month through ads alone because of her kickass Pinterest strategy that generates 300,000 page views per month to her blog “Mommy On Purpose“)

Anyway, with Carly’s manual pinning strategy, I am on track to meet my page view goals of 25,000/month in less than a month.

Check out this screenshot from my first five days of December as I continue using the tips from Pinteresting Strategies:

As you can see, my page views have increased by 85% compared to the previous five days (even after beginning the manual pinning strategy from Carly’s eBook).  Seriously, I still wake up every day and think the 250 page views I have before 9 am are a joke.

But, because of Carly’s amazing Pinterest tips, my steady 900 page views/day are continuing to grow and grow and grow.  And, I am more confident than ever that my blog will continue to thrive as I continue engaging on Pinterest and launching viral pins.

Oh!  YES! Viral pins are possible, now!  Carly will teach you the exact steps to follow to make your pins go viral – which I’ve successfully done for my post “12 Life Habits To Start That Will Completely Change Your Life,” as you can see below:

I truly could not recommend Carly’s eBook “Pinteresting Strategies” more.

My huge increase in blog traffic from Pinterest is 100% because of the tips supplied from the “Pinteresting Strategies” eBook and from dedication to her gold-winning manual pinning strategy.

If you are struggling with getting traffic from Pinterest, don’t look any further than this eBook.

What should you do if you aren’t seeing results from Pinterest?

If your blog traffic is crawling as slowly as mine was last month, you’re probably feeling a bit discouraged.

How come nobody likes my content?  Or why doesn’t anybody want to download my freebies?  How come nobody wants to purchase my products?

I know these thoughts have crossed your mind because they often crossed mine.

But, the real issue is that nobody is seeing your kickass content on Pinterest.  And, the only way to get your content seen by the millions of Pinterest users surfing the web at any given time?  PINTERESTING STRATEGIES.

I 100% agree with Carly’s notion that you cannot have success from Pinterest unless you are actively using Pinterest.  And, Tailwind simply doesn’t allow you to use Pinterest as a real user, therefore it can’t give you the results that manual pinning can.

So, to start your manual pinning journey and watch your blog traffic explode:

  1. Click here to visit Carly at Mommy On Purpose
  2. Purchase her AH-MAZING eBook “Pinteresting Strategies
  3. Initiate her Pinteresting Strategies
  4. Stare in disbelief at the crazy number on your Google Analytics app

Don’t waste your time or money reading more tips on how Tailwind is the answer to your blogging success.  “Pinteresting Strategies” is your REAL answer.  (And, it’s like hundreds of dollars cheaper than most of those “big” blogger courses.)

As I said, my blog traffic through Pinterest (and Tailwind) was at a standstill.  Month after month and I couldn’t break the surface of even 200 page views per day, let alone thousands.

Now, after reading “Pinteresting Strategies” and using the tips from Carly’s eBook, I am about to reach my first thousand page view day and it will have taken me less than a month.

The information in this eBook is gold, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.

And, if you want a sneak peek into the new and different Pinterest information that Carly has to offer, sign up for her freebie here.

Are you ready to try Pinteresting Strategies to increase blog traffic with Pinterest?  You WON’T be disappointed with the results!


xx Michelle


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Increase Blog Traffic -- Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest -- Increase Blog Traffic Tips -- How To Increase Blog Traffic With Pinterest




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