9 Productive Sunday Routines Proven To Help You Have The Best Week Ever







9 Productive Sunday Routines Proven To Help You Have The Best Week Ever

Are your Sunday’s for pajamas and football?

What about pajamas and planning!?

Starting a productive Sunday routine will help simplify your life by adding a sense of security that the upcoming week will run smoothly.

Because there’s nothing like going into a new week with a solid game plan, right?

You’ll be SO prepared to tackle all of your to-do lists and pay your bills on time.

So, to have the best week ever, every single week, be sure to incorporate this productive Sunday routine into your life!

Cheers to a happier and less stressed you!

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looooooooooove planning!  LOVE IT.

I mean, nothing screams anxiety louder than the unexpected, right?

Since adding this productive Sunday routine to my life, I’ve found my stress levels have decreased and my days run smoothly.

I mean, you wouldn’t go out in a snowstorm without your coat and boots on, right?  So why do you go into a new week with no plan or preparation?

My productive Sunday routine consists of:

  1. Yoga
  2. Planner time
  3. Reviewing that my finances are in order
  4. Meal planning + prepping
  5. Planning out my OOTW
  6. Cleaning my home
  7. Investing in myself
  8. Pampering myself
  9. Following through with my night routine

Think of it this way:  on Monday, you’ll get to sleep in longer, eat better, and feel more relaxed.

That sounds pretty sweet if you ask me!

Don’t forget your free Sunday Routine printable to keep you organized and on track every Sunday!


have a productive week every single week!

1.  Have a morning yoga session

A proper productive Sunday routine should always start with sleeping in…and then?

Definitely some yoga.

It is so important to find time for yourself throughout each day – something that is often put on the back burner when life becomes hectic and stressful.

That is why I make it a point to create a foundation for the rest of the week by finding time for yoga first thing Sunday morning.

Making that connection each Sunday helps me make yoga a priority throughout the remainder of my week.

I’ve been fitting yoga into my schedule as often as possible for the last few months now (after finding Yoga with Adriene on YouTube), and I truly don’t think I’ll ever stop finding time for it.

Yoga has an awesome way of centering oneself, which is why I love practicing in the morning – to start the day with a clear head and a clear image of what needs to be accomplished.

Incorporating some kind of exercise, yoga, or meditation into your Sunday morning routine will set a great foundation for the rest of the routines still to come in the day – and for the rest of the week.

And come on, who doesn’t wanna rock comfy yoga leggings all day long?

2.  Show your planner some love

I like to plan out my entire week in one sitting – during my productive Sunday routine.

Doing it all in one sitting gets all your planning out of the way for the rest of the week – and now all you have to do is review your planner each morning to see what you’ve scheduled in for that day.

So, break out your planner (my favorite is the Erin Condren LifePlanner) and let’s go over the upcoming week.

  • What goals do you want to accomplish?
  • What appointments do you have?
  • To-do lists?

Using this information, I can quickly plan out my week in my Erin Condren LifePlanner so I can easily conquer my to-do lists and see when I have some spare time to relax.

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Your future self will be super thankful that all you need to do is glance at your planner to see what each day entails.

No surprises here!

3.  Make sure your finances are in order

New bills are usually due each week which is why it is important to spend time during your productive Sunday routine reviewing your finances.

  • What is your starting balance for the upcoming week?
  • What bills are due?
  • Is it a payday week?
  • Any surprise expenses coming up?
  • Did I stick to the budget last week?

These are all important things to consider when planning your budget for the upcoming week.

Instead of trying to cram my financial information into my daily planner, or risking losing the information on loose-leaf paper, I record all of my financial information and budget planning in my Budget Boss Financial Planner.

Consider your financial goals and plan accordingly for the upcoming week.

4.  Get your food in order for the upcoming week

Getting your food in order for the upcoming week entails three main things:

  1. cleaning out & organizing fridge
  2. meal planning & grocery shopping
  3. food prepping

 Here’s my routine:


Before you go grocery shopping for the week, you’re gonna wanna clean out your fridge to

a.) see what products you need, and

b.) to start fresh for the upcoming week.

So, take inventory (and make a grocery list of essential items that need replacing), get rid of any expired products, and wipe down the shelves.

If you’re feeling super inspired to organize your fridge even further, use these 17 handy tips from The Krazy Coupon Lady to organize your fridge like a boss.


Throughout the week, I do not have the time to cook.  But, I still want to eat healthily.

That’s why I  make it a habit to plan my meals for the week on Sunday so I don’t have to think about what I’m gonna cook for dinner for the rest of the week.

Don’t forget to also write down the types of healthy things you’d enjoy for breakfasts, lunches, and snacks.

Then, head to the grocery store feeling prepared with your list in hand and come home with all the delicious things that’ll make you feel full and stay healthy all week long.


Once I have planned out my meals for the week and grocery shopped accordingly, it’s time to food prep!

I prep for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but only prepping for dinners would be just as great and way less time-consuming.

I like to be super prepared, so I go big.

Taking the extra time to food prep during my productive Sunday routine makes the rest of the week run so much more smoothly.

After a long day at work, who’s got the time to cook?

Just think of how many more home cooked meals you’d eat throughout the week if you took an hour on Sundays to prep those meals for easy cooking.

Food prepping is also a great way to make sure you’re eating healthy consistently because it takes away the temptation to order take-out or skip meals altogether.

Cheers to past self for making future self’s life so much simpler…and delicious!

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5.  Plan your outfits for the week

Much like our meals, having our outfits planned out for the week will make our lives soooo much easier.

Imagine getting to sleep in for an extra 20 minutes because you know exactly what you’re going to wear.  No more running around looking for your only clean pair of dress pants in the dark every morning. 😉

So, use your Sundays to wash and fold your laundry.  Then, check the weather for the upcoming week and plan accordingly.

Invest in a clothing rack and only put your outfits of the week on it during your Sunday Routine.  You could even make (or buy if you aren’t the crafty type) Monday-Friday labeled hangers.  #organizedAF

In the morning, grab your pants, top, shoes, and accessories off their labeled hanger and have a stress free morning, every morning.

Hooray past self for having such awesome style.

Also, try taking this time to plan out your gym clothes for the week so you don’t have yet another excuse to avoid working out.

Below your hanging space on your clothing rack, place labeled bins for each day of the week where you can throw your gym clothes and shoes in and never miss a workout again!

6.  Quick clean your home

I don’t know about you, but with two kids, my home can become unorganized and messy in a matter of seconds.

There never fails to be dishes in the sink and toys all over the floor.

Sunday’s are a great time to do a quick, but thorough, clean up of each room in your home so you feel more organized and prepared for the upcoming week.

Go through each room and put things back in their designated spot – and if they don’t have a spot, make them a home with bins from the dollar store and labels.

If you don’t watch Do It On A Dime on YouTube, now is the time to start!  Kathryn has so many awesome tips on how to quickly organize every space in your home on a budget to avoid cluttered and unorganized spaces.

Then, once your space is decluttered and organized, wipe down the counters, walls, and windows, dust & vacuum.

After, ban your family entry to any room unless they sign a contract saying they won’t mess up your efforts 😉  JK.  But really.

Starting your week with a clean and organized space will make it that much easier to keep up with the cleaning throughout the week and also won’t distract you from all the other items on your to-do list.

7.  Invest in yourself!

It’s easy to let life get away from us, forgetting to make time to invest in oneself.

Just like your yoga practice this morning, make Sundays a day to lay the foundation for the rest of the week to invest in yourself.

Maybe you also have a blog – but you haven’t written a blog post in three months.  Or maybe you’ve been eying some DIY crafts on Pinterest but haven’t made time to make them.

From this point forward, make it a habit to make sure you’re making time for things that are important to you.

I mean, it may seem unfathomable how you’re going to fit yet another thing into your busy schedule, but even an hour a day could eventually allow you to start working for yourself — freeing up 8 hours a day that you used to spend at your day job.

I am a strong believer of investing in yourself – because who better to work for than for yourself?

The work you put in on Sundays and each day onward with continue to add to the positive outcome those efforts will have on your life.


8.  Pamper yourself

Now, you just spent all day planning for the upcoming week.  It’s time to finally concentrate on you.

Go pour yourself a glass of wine (jk we’ve been sipping on that all day), slap on a face mask, and relax.

Once you have your productive Sunday routine down, it shouldn’t take more than a few hours and then after that?  You do you, girl.

You bust your butt all week long, you deserve at least one day a week to zone out and focus on yourself.

Recharging our body and mind is just as important as plugging in your cell phone before bed and we’d never forget to charge our phones, would we?!?! *gasp* NEVER.

We all need to recharge, you included!  And, you can’t be productive next week if you don’t find time to chiiilll before the new week begins.

So, invest some time in yourself each Sunday to really relax and destress.

I do this with some peace and quiet, wine, a bubble bath, some face masks, and a good book.  That way I can focus on some fictional characters’ issues instead of my own for a few hours 😉

We have a busy week ahead of us, right?  But a stressful one?  Nahhhh.

9.  Start your night routine

Ah, your Productive Sunday Routine is nearing its end and the ever so dreadful Monday morning is approaching.

But! You’re prepared AF so its ok 😉

End your Sunday night on the right foot and set the stage for the upcoming week by sticking to your night time routine.

If you practice your night time routine on Sundays, it will be that much easier to stick to it for the rest of the week.

After you’ve pampered the crap out of yourself, it is time to SHUT DOWN.

If you aren’t “shutting down” at leaassstt 30 minutes before bed from all electronics, you should start.

Use that time to review your planner, reflect on the day, read a book, stretch…the list goes on!

This way, you’ll have a great night sleep and also be able to sleep longer since your morning has been prepped for you already!

If you haven’t noticed, routines that make life simpler are my favs.

Running around throughout the week is tiring enough, never mind the added chaos of trying to cook, clean, and fit in some relaxation. 

Get some freedom back in your life by adding these nine habits to your Productive Sunday Routine.  Your future self will love you for it

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What does your Productive Sunday Routine look like in order to prepare for the upcoming week?  Comment below!


xx michelle


have a productive week every single week!


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